Episode 13 BREATH_CL

Baffin Island, the Northwestern Passages, Hudson Bay, this is the land of the Inuit. A people who have for centuries lived in one of the harshest environments on the planet. THE LISTEN PROJECT goes north to Baffin Island to experience the peace and serenity of a frozen world where one small mistake could mean your life. Where nature is all encompassing and ever present, here live a people with a unique lifestyle and deep culture.

Performing is Tanya Tagaq, a modern day Inuit singer and songwriter, who has taken the traditional Inuit throat singing to a totally new and exciting level.
For the typical throat singing "competition" (to see who laughs first), Tanya is joined by Celina Kalluk. Then, the band (Jesse Zubot and Jean Martin) plug in and all hell breaks loose.

Artists appearing in this episode:

Tanya Tagaq