Steindor Andersen is an Icelandic musician and is famous for his Rímur chanting. In Icelandic literature, a ríma (literally "a rhyme", pl. rímur) is an epic poem written in any of the so-called rímnahættir ("rímur meters". )The earliest rímur date from the fourteenth century, evolving from eddaic poetry and skaldic poetry with influences from Continental epic poems. Óláfs ríma Haraldssonar, preserved in Flateyjarbók, is the ríma attested in the oldest manuscript and is sometimes considered the oldest ríma; the earliest large collection of rímur is in Kollsbók, dated by Ólafur Halldórsson to 1480–90. Steindor also works as a fisherman, captaining his ship the Iðunn.